About Me


i’m christy, blessed wife of David and mother to five marvelous children.I live in Gambia West Africa. I’m a lover of everything nutritious and healthy,and the brain behind this blog. I’m thrilled to have you on my blog.

This is a go to blog for healthy living lifestyle tips, healthy recipes, easy workouts, health news , daily healthy tips in achieving optimal health.

My first daughter actually inspire me to start this blog, she loves eating raw onion, tomatoes, and garlic. whenever I’m going to the market to buy foodstuffs, she reminds me to buy onions and garlic that she will eat raw with her siblings separately, and i once told my husband are you sure they gave us the right children in the hospital after delivery, because we both hate eating garlic, onions, and stuffs like that and whenever we go to the restaurants to eat out, they will always ask for mine and my husband’s veggies on our meals because they know we won’t eat it.

This prompt me to dig deep into the heath benefits of all this spices, herbs, fruits and the effect on our overall health.This has inspire me to take little steps towards making healthy lifestyle choices and decisions personally and the result has been tremendous.

Finally, this blog is all about  healthy living tips, be it recipes, workouts, general health tips to making the journey of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle easy and achievable.

Looking forward to see you drop by more.

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