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Lemon, a citrus fruit that is packed with lots of vitamin C, a strong antioxidants that rejuvenate our skin, improve our beauty and help protect the body against bacteria by strengthening your immune system.

Lemon is also rich in calcium, fibers, potassium and pectin and contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Lemon Water is a good substitute for fizzy juice or drinks, that may be high in sugar. Especially for diabetes or those intending to lose weight, this is the ideal drink to hydrate and energize the body without adding dangerous sugar levels.

Lemon water is alkaline, and can help your digestive system. When we eat certain types of food, every meal has an enzyme that helps digestion, but when we cook food most of the enzymes die, this makes the acidic liquid in our body work harder to digest it.

Lemon water will help you detoxify your body, you can drink it in the morning before breakfast to help your body detoxify much faster

Lemon water is loaded with so many health benefits. Drinking lemon water regularly can give you some of these amazing health benefits.

1. Lemon contains pectin fiber which is very useful for colon health and also functions as a strong anti-bacterial

2. It helps maintain the adequate PH level in the body

3. It helps digestion and increases bile production

It is also a good source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium

4. It helps prevent the growth and doubling of pathogenic bacteria that cause infection and disease

5. It helps reduces pain and inflammation in the joints and knees by dissolving gout

6. It helps cure common cold and flu

 7.The potassium in lemon helps maintain the brain and nerve cells

8. It strengthens the liver by providing energy to the liver enzymes when they are weak

9. It helps balance calcium and oxygen levels in the heart and if you are experiencing heartburn taking a glass of concentrated lemon juice can provide assistance

10. It is very useful for the skin and prevents wrinkle formation

 11. The anti-bacterial properties of lemon helps get rid of acne

12. It helps maintain good eye health and helps fight eye problems

13. AIDS in digestive juice production

14. Lemon juice helps replenish the body salt, especially after a heavy training session.

15. Reduce fat and cholesterol levels in the body

16. Make your skin glow and healthy

17. Lemon water makes you keep adequately hydrated and regulates your body temperature in order to improve physical performance.

18. Lemon water will help increase your metabolism.

19. Lemon water enhances the body function that helps reduce weight.

20. Lemon water is a good source of vitamin C, and can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and low blood pressure.

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