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10 Thing That Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Shower

If you think the only thing that not showering will do to you is make you smell, you better think again.

Not taking your bath is extremely bad for your health, bacteria build up and deterioration of your overall health is expected.

You’re more likely to get sick or contract infections, if you’re not cleaning the dangerous microbes off of your body reasonably regularly.

Showering helps to keep your skin blemish-free, by preventing oils in the skin from building up, and this is particularly important if you regularly work out.

Maintaining cleanliness is also important for our self-confidence, physical and emotional well-being. The main purpose of washing is to remove dirt and odors and germs.

The following are gross things that happens when you don’t shower

Itchy Skin: When you don’t shower, dirt and other pollutants will stick to your body  causing irritation and very itchy skin.

Low confidence: Not taking a shower can make you feel dirty and make you feel little less confident about yourself

You May Get Sick: The body is filled with thousands of different types of bacteria and fungi. Some are good and necessary for some functions in your body while some are bad. 

If you stop showering this will give room for the bad bacteria to overcome the good ones, and they will find their way into your nose and mouth making you sick

Bad Body Odor:  if you don’t shower you will start to stink. The bad  bacteria will be multiplying on your body producing gasses as they consume proteins and fatty acids. That stink you really need to worry about.

Risk of Infection: Not showering can cause a build up of dead skin from when it breaks down. This can raise the risk of bacterial and fungal infections like, staph.

Skin Problem: when you don’t shower, any existing skin problems you have are likely to worsen over time. You’ll start scratching your skin as bacteria and dirt start working together to cause the itching sensation. This will cause your skin to break and in turn will become infected.

Excessive Dead Skin : When you take a shower and scrub your skin, any dead skin cells are removed giving room for new ones to grow. But if you don’t shower this will led to dead skin accumulation.

Poor Genital Hygiene: Your genitals will be the  most affected body part when it comes to not showering. It will not only smell awful, you will also be most likely prone to yeast infection.

Dermatitis Neglecta :If you do not shower regularly your skin will suffer from dirt, sweat and various bacteria. It can lead to a skin condition known as dermatitis neglecta. Your skin will be covered with brown scaly patches.

Sweat and Dirt: If you don’t take shower, then not only will germs accumulate on your skin, but dirt and sweat too. Dirt and sweat don’t let your pores function properly and can provoke different problems like pimples, acne.

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