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Why Your Diet is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Is it one of your New year resolution to keep fit, Eat right and maintain a good weight? Did you start the year strictly following a diet plan, but the weight just refuse to shed off?, Not to worry you are not alone in this. it is actually a common scenario whereby no matter what particular diet you’re on,  you can’t just seem to lose the weight. This definitely leads to so much frustration and many ends up giving up.

The main problem of many of this diets (there are so many of them by the way) is that “most are one fit all” kind. It doesn’t take into consideration individualism, Everyone is different. We all have different metabolic rates, lifestyle, endurance and strength. When you’re trying to lose weight, there are so many information on different diet plan, books, TV shows, celebrity promoting one diet plan or the other, that it’s so easy to get really confused with all these information.

if you want to lose weight, you should work out a diet plan that works for you and you alone. Consider how each affects your body and health in general. Most of this so call diets are nothing but cookie cutter approach which 90% of the time doesn’t give the desired results.

When trying to lose weight the following should be taken into consideration in order to get the desired result

Not Every diet plan is perfect for everyone

There are so many different types of diet plan been promoted everywhere day and night, but remember that there is no one fit all plan. You have to thoroughly research the diet or weight loss plan and determine if it’s for you. Research have shown that as long as you stay within a healthy range, and you’re not going to the extreme of starving yourself to death all in the name of losing weight, your diet plan can actually help you take off the weight and make you look and feel great.

Watch out for Hidden Calories in Food you Consume

Another reason why many refuse to lose weight is consuming so much calories without even knowing it. Sodas, fruit juices ,skim milk, are all sources of unneeded calories. By switching the Soda’s for water and drinking whole milk instead of skim milk, you’re getting rid of that hidden calories obstacle, that is preventing you from reaching your ideal weight.

Maintain a Good Lifestyle                                

No matter the kind of diet you’re on, if you’re not Maintaining a good lifestyle it won’t work. Don’t smoke, Eat balanced diet, which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Exercise regularly, and control your food portion, get rid of stress. All this are major determinant in your weight loss journey and subsequent outcome.

Get a Good Support System      

if you don’t have a good Support System like family and friends, encouraging you and cheering you on your weight loss journey it might be a little bit difficult. Lack of support could be a major reason why a diet plan might fail, especially if you feel there’s no one to talk to about your weight problems and difficulties.

Consistency is Key in achieving weight loss

Don’t start and then stop because you’re not making any reasonable progress fast enough. Avoid diet plan that promise losing 50 pounds in a week, you might end up being disappointed. Weight loss takes time, dedication, and consistency, to achieve a good result.

Look at your diet plan as a lifestyle and not a one off plan. Make good choices daily. Find a weight loss or diet plan that is healthy, and that you can stick to for a long time. Losing weight is good but staying healthy is even better. All this Lose weight in one week cannot guarantee you both and for that reason, you must carefully choose your diet plan.

Try to change one habit, one at a time. it could be eating smaller food portion and it will give you a better chance of reaching that desired weight in no time.

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