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Many people are not a big fan of plain water( i know am not), I find it extremely difficult to drink plain water. We all know water is very essential to our health, it helps with hydration, prevents constipation, and most importantly helps flush out harmful toxins from our body. Despite all these health benefits, drinking plain water could be a very difficult and torturous task, which have discouraged many people from drinking the required daily amount of water.if you are part of this group, help is on the way. Below are ways that you can make your water taste better.

FRESH FRUIT WATER: Adding fresh fruits like cucumber, oranges, limes, lemons, strawberries, to your water not only make it enjoyable but tasty and highly nutritious. Fresh fruit water also known as fruit infused water is the combination of many types of fruits in cold water. Drinking fruit infused water can help to detox the body and lose weight.

3 ingredients fruit infused water: This recipe helps with digestion and is great for the immune system.


cucumber- 1/3 thinly sliced

1 lemon – squeezed

1 lime – squeezed


Fill a large jug with water

put the cucumber, lemon and lime inside

refrigerate overnight

CUBE JUICE: make cube juice out of sugar-free juice, add it to your water.


200ml of any fruit juice of your choice


pour fruit juice into each of the ice cube tray compartment

put into freezer until completely frozen

add to your water

ADD MINT LEAVE: Add fresh mints leaves to your water and leave to steep in the water before drinking.

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