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7 Simple Tips to make Exercise a Routine

Exercise is a great way to keep fit and in shape. This is not just good but great for your health. Finding the time and motivation to actually follow through is one excuse that is too common. Exercising has numerous benefits to your general well being, it helps in controlling weight gain, great for weight loss, improves your mental stability and emotions, makes you vibrant and productive. Exercising takes a lot of courage and motivation to make it into a lasting daily routine. So if the big problem is setting aside time to exercise because of your busy schedule, or lack of motivation, you might want to read this post to the end.

The first thing to do before starting any workout routine is to make sure you are healthy to do so. It is a good thing to have a physical checkup first before you begin any workout routine, most especially if you are just recovering from an illness or you have any health issues. After getting that out of the way, let’s look at easy and fun ways to Exercise.

                                 It doesn’t have to be so Hard

Seriously, Exercising doesn’t have to be rigorous and hard, going on for hours unending. Setting aside 10- 15 minutes every day for a simple workout, will go along way in improving your overall health.

                                  Do what you Love

Doing something you enjoy will actually go a long way in sustaining your workout routine. Exercising doesn’t have to be all about lifting heavy weights at the gym or spending endless hours on the treadmill. it could be as simple as taking a walk, or swimming, biking, hiking, or even dancing. The main point is to incorporate activities you enjoy doing, into your daily workout.

                                    Set Specific Time

Setting a specific time for exercise is a good way to incorporate it into your schedule. Most times we are so busy with so many activities from work, to family life and other busy activities that take most of your time. The only way to make it work is to schedule your exercise to the period of time that you are always less busy. Some people are less busy at certain times of the day, some have mornings off, or it could be midday, just fix in your workout routine to your off-peak period.

                                   I am Broke Excuse

Another common excuse for not exercising is the I can’t afford the gym subscription excuse.  You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to stay fit. Exercise can be done anywhere and everywhere. The most important thing is to get your body to become physically active, by indulging in a regular and consistent workout. You can do this by simply taking a brief work daily or buy simple workout videos, that you can practice at home and at your pace daily. This cost next to nothing and does not require a gym membership.

                                     Take Baby Steps

Start Exercising gradually. You don’t have to start with 1-hour strenuous exercise routine, just 15 minutes daily workouts is a good way to start and you can work your way up the time gradually, as you feel comfortable with. Also be sure to wear comfortable clothing this will make it easier to exercise.

                                     Stay Hydrated

You have to make sure you are properly hydrated when Exercising. It is so easy to quickly get dehydrated this way, so drink lots of water, juices, or energy drinks to stay hydrated


Take it a day at a time, and don’t overdo it. Make sure you exercise same time daily, eat a balanced diet, get adequate rest and in no time you start seeing positive results.

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