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5 things to avoid doing just after Eating

So you’ve just finished having this fantastic, sumptuous full meal and all you just want to do is lay down to watch your favorite movies, or go for a smoke, take a bath or actually head straight to bed for a nap? these are really bad for your health. Food is important to our overall health, but so also are the things we do after eating. There are several things you should never do right after eating, in order to achieve optimal health.

Taking a Bath: Do not take a bath or shower immediately after eating, this can lead to digestive problems. Bathing increases the blood flow to the body, hand, and legs, instead of helping with digestion.

Digestion requires a good amount of blood flow towards the stomach, but bathing diverts the blood flow away from the stomach to other parts of the body instead. If you must take a bath at all, wait at least 30-45 minutes after a meal before doing that.

Eating Fruits: Fruits are healthy, nutritious and necessary for optimal health, but eating it at the right time is the key. Eating fruits right after a meal might end up doing you more harm than good. its best to eat fruits first before a meal, because they take little time to digest and when you eat them right after a meal they get stuck with all the other food and not getting to the intestine on time, can make it rot in the gut, causing heartburn, indigestion.

Sleeping: Do not lay down or go for a nap after eating this is a bad idea, except of course if you’re in the mood for a party with indigestion, heartburn, or burning throat. Laying down after a meal causes acid reflux symptoms that causes chest discomfort, heartburn, and burning throat. Remember to eat at least two hours before bedtime, in order to avoid digestion issues. Eating close to bedtime especially foods high in fat will result in bloating. Sleeping right after a meal can increase the risk of stroke, so try and avoid that.

Smoking: Smoking is really bad for the health no matter how you look at it. Smoking increases the chance of lung cancer and other related health issues. Smoking one cigarette after eating is actually like smoking ten cigarettes, and that is like increasing the risk of lung cancer and other related health issues ten times. This is detrimental to your overall health.

Drinking Tea: Drinking tea right after a meal should be avoided. The acidity in the tea can make it difficult to digest food. Tannin acids in tea harden protein, and make them harder to digest, and keep your body from properly absorbing iron.if you need to drink tea after your meal, wait at least one hour after eating before doing so.

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