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5 Smart ways to make your Kids eat more Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are important components of a healthy and balanced diet, especially for children. It Aids growth, prevent obesity, boost immunity level and Aids better digestion, but most kids are just not a big fan. Most Parents are stressed out, and highly frustrated trying to force their kids to eat more greens. So how can parents win this war between children vs fruits and vegetables?

  • Take the Lead: Children look up to their parents for everything. They see them as their role model and god. if you lead by example and eat more fruits and veggies yourself, it will be easier for them to emulate this. Avoid junk foods during meal times, pile your plates with veggies and fruits and your kids will be on their way to consuming more greens in no time.
  • Take them Shopping: Trips to the Markets and grocery stores is a great and fun way to introduce children to different types of healthy foods. Let them help in choosing different types of grains, veggies, spices, fruits, and herbs. This will encourage them, to want to eat out of it when it’s done.
  • Let them be involved in cooking: Allow children help in prepping, and cooking the meals( with Adult supervision). They are more likely to be interested in meals that they help cook themselves.
  • Make Smoothies: Smoothies are delicious and nutritious drinks, consisting of different blends of fruits, vegetables or a combination of fruits and vegetables. This is an easier way, to get kids to consume more fruits and vegetables.  Blend different kinds of fruits and vegetables to make a nutritious drink that is pack full of healthy and nutritious fibers.
  • Make a Popsicle: Children love Popsicle, this is one frozen dessert that children just adore. This could be a way to get them, to consume more greens. Wipe up a healthy combo of different fruits and vegetables, to make a delicious and nutritious Popsicle that children cannot resist.

Above all be consistent, if you try and fail, try again. Consistency is the way, to get kids more interested in eating more fruits and vegetables.

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